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The Social Media Marketing Certification course from OMI shows you how best to reach the more than 1 Billion users on Facebook and 200 million users on Twitter. In the U.S. alone, there are over 130 million users on Facebook and over 50 million on Twitter. With so many social media users, isn’t it time you learned how social media can help expand your reach, increase your brand’s social media exposure, and drive quality social media engagement that leads to revenue? Also, as social media marketers are planning their 2015 social budgets, take advantage of OMI’s special pricing to learn the in’s and out’s of effective social media marketing, all while you are on your way to earning your social media marketing certification.

What is in the course?

The online Social Media Certification course from OMI contains social media training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube and Video Content Marketing
  • Blogging Fundamentals
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Marketing
  • Instagram and Pinterest Marketing
  • Google+ Marketing
  • Social & Display Retargeting
  • Social Media Content, SEO and Measurement

The Social Media Marketing certification program contains 13 classes and more than 6 hours of social media class instruction, all of it delivered online at your convenience. Not only will you learn how to strategically leverage social networks, you’ll learn the why’s and how to’s of effective social media that will help you find a new job or grow your business.


Building Your Social Media Marketing Skills

As the social media field becomes more crowded, these skills are more crucial than ever. It’s not enough to simply post new product announcements on Facebook or Twitter; marketers need to command attention, craft relevant informational content, and engage in authentic and non-spammy ways. Behind the scenes, a deep understanding of platforms, content creation, lead generation, and measurement are just a few of the areas marketers must juggle.

OMI’s Social Media Certification program is unique in that it builds to specifically address these needs for the business professional and marketer. Upon completion, you will be well-rounded in your knowledge of all social media, understand the baseline principles that drive success on any platform, and have the skills to impact ROI. Most importantly, you’ll learn to develop a strong underlying strategy to focus your time, efforts, and budget—so social media doesn’t turn into a chaotic free-for-all.


5 Key Takeaways from the Social Media Certification Course: 

  • How to be a part of the conversation, social media marketing foundations, as well as latest statistics, benefits, and recent case studies.
  • Integrate and execute effective social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive sales.
  • Develop practical strategies to position your brand and generate leads.
  • Utilize tools and tactics that will help you measure engagement and ROI.
  • How to manage your own brand and develop a personal social graph that can help you win business or get hired.


The regular cost of this certification is 859.00.
Every one of our certifications is broken up into a series of 5-11 classes. Each included class may run between 20-70 minutes in length and courses can be watched in one marathon viewing or broken up to fit your schedule.
You are given 6 months to complete your certification following enrollment, so plan to dedicate your time in completing the coursework accordingly. All classes are available on demand and you can take them at your own pace. More time to access the material may be provided on a case-by-case basis.
After finishing all classes in the certification, you will be ready to take the final exam. To begin click the “Start Exam Now” button underneath the last class in the certification. The untimed final exam consists of 30-50 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam. Ideally the exam should be taken in one sitting, however, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time. You must pass with a score of 70% or higher to receive a certification of completion. You will have up to 3 chances to pass this exam. You will receive a digital certification via email upon successfully passing the exam.
No. Electives are available to supplement the main certification coursework, so you will not be tested on any of the material covered in those classes as they are optional to watch.
Upon completion, OMI will send you a digital certificate via email.
Certifications feature prerecorded presentations. Essentially, they consist of 20-70 minute video recordings of a narrated slide presentation.
At this time, most course content and other reference materials are not offered directly – however the Influential Marketer Learning Series includes a series of templates and guides which WILL be available for students to download and use. The certification includes details on where to access these bonus materials and how to download.
OMI's Certifications are constantly being updated to match the industry's latest trends and tactics in digital marketing. Content is either updated or replaced entirely in accordance to the most relevant and current information. In addition, every course in the Influential Marketer Learning Series is updated annually to ensure relevance and the most updated insights are included.
The Online Marketing Institute has been involved in online education for digital marketing longer than nearly all other organizations in the space. To address the topic of accreditation, since there is no accrediting body, OMI has gained accreditation from the States of California and Colorado and has been endorsed (and used by) major non-profit associations within the industry including: The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Email Experience Council (EEC), Local Business Marketing Association(s), Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and more. OMI’s certification programs were then built through Wharton and it's Interactive Media Initiative to build an academically verified method to teach, train and test.

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