Alexandra Gibson

Alexandra oversees and manages project development, scope and strategy for OttoPilot Media and its clients. She has grown several businesses to be industry leaders by architecting strategies based on analyzing data and leveraging digital tools like Twitter and blogging to quickly catapult the companies to nationwide presence with limited start-up capital.
Educated in economics and finance, and trained in sales and marketing, Alexandra combines understanding of business metrics and growth with creative marketing that shows results. Selected by Andy Sernovitz—adjunct professor in entrepreneurship and marketing at Northwestern and Wharton, best-selling marketing author, and President of—as one of the top 100 word-of-mouth marketers in North America, Alexandra provides strategic direction and works closely with clients that include international consumer brands, established ecommerce sites, funded tech start-ups, and B2B consulting firms.
She has presented at numerous events across the country, been interviewed for books, and been featured in several publications, including USA Today, Inc, CNBC, and
Alexandra fine-tuned her socialness at Vanderbilt University where she graduated with a degree in Economics.