Ashley Halberstadt

After a decade of PR experience, with a focus on media relations, I am now the Director of Digital Media Relations at DigitalRelevance. I work with a team of savvy SEO professionals, helping them understand the nuances of PR and bridge the two practices to maximize marketing efforts for our clients.
I’ve learned that the information and research SEO professionals provide are invaluable to PR, changing the way we approach every single strategy.
As a creative writer turned Content Strategist, I’ve fallen in love with research behind SEO and engaging user content. I’m a firm believer that marketing impacts pretty much everything, from the phrases you use to the products you buy and how you talk to your friends.
I began at DigitalRelevance as an editor and have migrated through creative, strategic and project management roles. It’s been a roller coaster watching SEO and content marketing evolve, and I’m excited about the budding relationship between SEOs and PR pros.

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