Crispin Sheridan

Crispin Sheridan is the senior director of search marketing at SAP in New York. As part of the Global Demand Generation team, he established and runs the search practice at SAP. Crispin is responsible for paid, organic, and mobile search, online testing, and has driven SAP’s strategy to harness the channel to drive lead generation. Search at SAP is now fully centralized and globally funded and is run with both an in-house team of eight and agency support.
Crispin has proven that keyword-driven social media marketing can effectively augment search to drive B2B lead generation. Successes include integration with SAP’s primary Facebook page and the deployment of “AddThis” across globally.
A frequent guest speaker at SES conferences, including New York, San Jose, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, London, and Hong Kong, Crispin was appointed to the SES Advisory Board in December 2009. He has also been a guest speaker at the e-Metrics Summit and ad:Tech, and is a member of Google’s B2B Technology Council. You can follow him on Twitter at @crispinsheridan and read his monthly SEO column on ClickZ.